Glove Gard - Love your Hands
3 Pair Natural Cotton, Seamless Gloves
                      for Multipurpose Hand Protection

                   Protect Your Skin!  Protect Your Health!


 "I used Glove Gard #38 to re-pot some houseplants. I don't like to wear gardening gloves because they are so bulky and they affect my sense of touch when dealing with tender plants. The Glove Gard gloves not only protected my hands, they protected my manicure! I was amazed at how well they washed up too.  Michele; Yucaipa, California

"I am going on 58 years old, and thanks to Glove Gard Style #11, I can now pick up a newspaper and read it without getting my fingers/hands full of ink!! The glove fits close to my fingers for turning pages easily. I won't have to worry about sweating hands in the summer due to Glove Gard's breathing ability. Thank you Glove Gard for allowing me to finally be in touch with the world events!"  Terry H.; Cincinnati, Ohio

"The gloves are very comfortable, warm yet breathable, and very convenient to use as they are reversible, interchangeable and easy to clean. I used to get cold hands - not anymore!"  Philip; Victoria, BC

"I love the glove! I really like the convenience of using the different styles for various tasks. I use style #38 when I am re-potting or moving plants. The lighter styles are great for dusting in small places and protecting my hands when performing other tasks. They are comfortable and I can rely on them to keep my hands and nails clean and protected."   Bonnie; Indianapolis, Indiana

"I like style #11 best, since I use them everyday, they wash well and I can just turn them inside out and put in my purse for the next use. I like a glove that fits close and is not too tight on my wrist."  Mary

"I used style #38 when potting my plants, the gloves were full of soil and wet, my hands were wet, but clean. With my garden gloves I have a problem with the ends of the fingers opening up because of the seams, no seams in these gloves, not a problem."  Mary

I've used Glove Gard for the past year and am ordering more! When I clean silver and brass, Glove Gard protects my hands from the dirty and harsh cleaning products. I keep a pair with my jewelry cleaner so I can put a quick shine on bracelets and ear rings.
   I'm a fanatic gardener but want to keep my hands and nails clean. Over time, even expensive gardening gloves let dirt seep into the glove. I use Glove Gard to protect my hands under the gloves and even use moisturizer under the Glove Gard! In the winter I get painful cracks around my nails. Glove Gard is great to use with a heavy hand lotion at bedtime. I keep discovering new ways to use these gloves. I don't remember when I've been so excited about a product! Rita, Silver Spring, Maryland


Let me know which glove you like best.