Glove Gard - Love your Hands

I started researching this product because of a blood disease. I was catching every cold I walked past.
My hands inevitably went to my face but with gloves on I became more conscious of what my hands touched.

At the beginning of my search I only found imported white gloves. They worked fine but they were five dollars per pair and made in Korea. I went on a search for natural cotton gloves and I found a manufacturer in the United States that was willing to work with me to develop what I had in mind.

Simple - multifunctional - seamless - washable -  non-bleached cotton
and best of all, made in the United States.

I have designed these gloves to serve multiple purposes including insulating cold hands, 
promoting cream absorption and protecting against germs.

The variety pack includes three different types of gloves which cater to a wide range of uses.
Check out the product page for discriptions on each glove.
If you find a favorite, you can order any style of glove in sets of three.
Thanks for viewing this site, Mary